PeopleAssets - Competency Models

PeopleAssets is proud of its distinguished record of success in over thirty countries across the globe. We combine rigorous empirical data analysis with 'intelligent' rule-based programming to deliver highly individualized guidance to users. 

In numerous settings, Peopleassets has defined best performance with empirical data methods and constructed 'best practice' behavioral models by profiling how top performers get the job done.

Peopleassets now adds entertaining components to competency models with video interviews presented to users based on personal responses to conditional inquiries. 

    "Under pressure to deliver a product design, a Product Development                  manager should:
            a. make final design decisions based on the best available             information and pass it on to Engineering, or, 

            b. convene a group meeting with all principals to reach consensus             on final design parameters and tell Engineering that they have to                  wait knowing that it may delay the product delivery date."

​Competency models provide real-life examples of how top performers in any particular role make decisions and accomplish results. 

Build a customized competency model to guide key actors in your organization using the wisdom and experience of individuals who have succeeded - or failed - in a specific operational position. 

Contact us to discuss options for creating this powerful organizational asset. 

Forterra preserves open space land and restores landscapes throughout The Puget 
Sound area. In their 30 year history, they have acquired more than 275,000 acres for preservation and restoration purposes.

Forterra's 'Green Cities' program preserves and restores land in twelve Puget Sound communities. 

Peopleassets built a customized Leadership Competency Model to specify 'Best Practice' behaviors drawing from successful strategies and tactics in participating Green City Partnerships. 

As a result, new Green City Leaders have 
a clear guide of what works best to advance the preservation and restoration agenda in their community.