​        Customized Education Resources
The world of online education is swirling with major innovations. Major, top tier universities are offering new online programming that will change the structure of a traditional college experience. Perhaps most exciting, students from every corner of the world are connecting with professors at Harvard, M.I.T., Stanford and universities across the globe. 

PeopleAssets has been in the forefront of this movement for the last several years. We have delivered 'intelligent' leadership and professional development resources online, across the globe, for over a decade. Recent innovations include delivery of customized messaging to individual users based on their personal needs and preferences enhanced with video, audio and interactive content tailored for specific audiences. Insights from the emerging field of 'psychology of influence' are integrated with other resources.   

Discover what you can do to inform, educate and influence your customers and stakeholders.

Plato and Aristotle from Raphael's 'School of Athens',  1510, frescoe painted as a commission to decorate the rooms now known as the Stanze di Raffaello, in the Vatican's Apostolic Palace.
Yale President Richard Levin moves on to become CEO of online education firm Coursera