​           Leadership and Professional Development
PeopleAssets has a distinguished track record in the field of Leadership and Professional Development. With successful projects completed in over thirty countries, PeopleAssets has a data base of over 12,000 leaders and managers in a wide range of private and public sector markets. Our 'intelligent', on-line systems compare and contrast the leadership styles of individual clients to benchmarks of high performing leaders. Leadership Profile Reports are frequently customized for the particular needs of our clients. 

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The Artemision Bronze, raised from the sea in 1928 off the coast of north Euboea, Greece has fueled debates among art scholars since its discovery. Which God does it honor: Zeus or Poseidon? It depends what he was holding in his right hand: a thunderbolt or trident. Estimated date 460 BCE. This awesome sculpture dominates one of the main rooms in The National Archeological Museum of Athens.